Hollywood Gets Ripped: AI Pumps Up Your Fave Characters

By Metaswipes

December 29, 2023

Iceberg Ahead? Nah, That's Just Rose's Bicep

Forget flying, Jack. Rose is bench-pressing you onto the iceberg! Molly Brown high-fives the ship with ironclad arms. Celine Dion's theme song morphs into a power ballad sung by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Iceberg cracks? Nah, it's Rose flexing.

The One Where Central Perk Gets Pumped

Central Perk's got a new brew: Protein Perk. Joey's "How you doin'?" replaced by a powerlifting grunt. Phoebe writes an anthem: "Smelly Cat's got ripped abs!" Monica cleans with kettlebells. Ross? Still pivoting, this time into Olympic gymnastics.

Neo Levels Up: From Hacker to Hunk

Bullet time? More like swole time! Neo dodges bullets with Neo-tastic pecs. Morpheus: "Welcome to the Gym of Choice." Trinity's kung fu kicks powered by legs that could launch rockets. Agent Smith? Still a jelly blob, just beefier.

Upside Down, Upside Gains: Hawkins Gets Buff

Upside Down? More like Upside Gains! Eleven crushes the Demogorgon with one bicep curl. Dustin's new headband? Iron Maiden. Barb, finally ripped, lifts Hawkins Lab like a kettlebell.

Slimer Squashed by Pecs: Ghostbusters Get Pumped

Who you gonna call? The Swolebusters! Proton packs become protein packs. Slimer gets squashed by Ray's pecs. Egon's "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" experiment? Ripped marshmallow muscles, bro! Venkman cracks jokes, then cracks open a protein shake.