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Paytm First Games, a venture of Paytm, India’s leading payments platform established in 2009, has rapidly evolved into a premier destination for engaging and rewarding online gaming experiences. The First Games app offers a range of card games, including rummy, and various fantasy sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Paytm First Games aims to provide value to users through both entertainment and rewards, transforming the hours spent on gaming into an enriched experience.

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Their Vision and Mission

Paytm First Games envisions utilizing top-notch technology to enhance the value derived from gaming, whether it is for pure entertainment or for earning rewards. With a mission to provide a platform that captivates users and enriches their gaming journey, Paytm First Games seeks to create an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates gaming and rewards.

Evolution and Milestones

2018: Gamepind Launch In 2018, Paytm, in collaboration with AGTech Media, introduced the Gamepind gaming platform. This platform marked a significant step towards establishing Paytm First Games as a distinguished player in the gaming industry.

2019: Rebranding and Expansion Building on its success, the platform underwent a rebranding and was unveiled as Paytm First Games in 2019. With this transformation came a comprehensive array of over 300 captivating games, designed to cater to a diverse audience and provide them with a holistic gaming experience.

2020: Entry into Fantasy Sports In 2020, Paytm First Games made its foray into the immensely popular world of fantasy sports. The platform launched its fantasy sports segment, enlisting legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as its esteemed brand ambassador. This strategic move further solidified Paytm First Games’ position as a dynamic and influential player in the online gaming realm.

2021: Continued Growth Building on its momentum, Paytm First Games continued to expand its offerings by introducing a plethora of new games to its ever-growing portfolio. Notably, the platform achieved a remarkable milestone during the Indian T20 cricket season, amassing over 10 million monthly active users, a testament to its widespread popularity and appeal.

Essential Precautions Before Downloading

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the entirety of this article. In the pursuit of exploring real-money gaming experiences, requested to read whole article. One must exercise due diligence and consider fundamental precautions. These crucial insights shed light on the nature of these diversions, ensuring an informed and responsible engagement:

  • Purposeful Amusement: The offered real money games are distinctly crafted for entertainment, establishing a clear demarcation from any prospects of employment.
  • Inherent Financial Risks: Intricately woven within the fabric of these interactive realms are elements of fiscal uncertainty, at times capable of triggering inclinations towards compulsive behavior.
  • Mindful Engagement: It is imperative for individuals to adopt a perspective of enjoyment while embracing a cautious and accountable participation, underlining personal responsibility as a cornerstone.

Fact Center: Paytm First Games Achievements

Paytm First Games has achieved remarkable milestones over the past three years, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the online gaming industry. With an impressive user base, substantial monthly winnings, and a staggering number of games played annually, Paytm First Games stands as a testament to its success.

User Base of Over 30+ Million

With a user base of more than 30+ million individuals, Paytm First Games has successfully captured the attention and engagement of a vast audience. This extensive user community reflects the platform’s appeal and its ability to provide captivating gaming experiences.

₹1000+ Crore Monthly Winnings

Paytm First Games has facilitated winnings exceeding ₹1000+ crore on a monthly basis. This substantial amount underscores the platform’s commitment to rewarding its users and enhancing their gaming journeys through attractive prizes and incentives.

Over 1.2+ Billion Games Played Annually

An astounding statistic, Paytm First Games witnesses more than 1.2+ billion games being played on its platform annually. This staggering number of games played demonstrates the platform’s popularity and its integral role in providing an immersive gaming environment for its users.

G2G Expo Award: Best Ludo Operator

Event took place at Park Regis in Goa on November 11, 2022, was a platform that acknowledged exceptional accomplishments in the gaming sector. It honored notable entities and individuals across various categories, including the Best Ludo Operator award presented to Paytm First Games. The event served as a hub for industry figures, fostering connections and recognizing the significant roles of companies and individuals in India’s gaming industry.

Play Ludo and Win up to 20 Lacs

Paytm First games has recently announced a contest “Play Ludo and Win up to₹ 20 Lacs” This captivating opportunity invites gaming enthusiasts to indulge in the timeless classic of Ludo, reimagined by Paytm First Games as “Loodo.” To embark on this gaming journey and vie for substantial winnings, participants are required to engage with the dedicated gaming platform provided by Paytm First Games.

Mega Contest Winners: Celebrating Remarkable Achievements

The Mega Contest organized by Paytm First Games showcased remarkable accomplishments, with individuals from diverse backgrounds emerging victorious and securing substantial winnings. These winners, each with their unique stories, exemplify the platform’s commitment to providing engaging gaming experiences and rewarding endeavors.

1. Veeresh: ₹15 Lakhs Triumph

Location: Karnataka

Veeresh, a resident of Karnataka, shares his journey from being a casual gamer to winning the first prize of ₹15 lakhs in the Mega Contest. Inspired by the endorsement of his favorite cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, Veeresh embraced fantasy gaming through Paytm First Games. His victory stands as a testament to the platform’s allure and the potential it offers to players.

2. Sumit: A ₹25 Lakhs Triumph

Location: Gorakhpur

Sumit hails from Gorakhpur and has carved a remarkable success story by clinching a staggering ₹25 lakhs. Despite coming from a lower middle-class family and working in a private company, Sumit’s passion for cricket and strategic gameplay led him to this significant win. His achievement showcases how dedication and enthusiasm can yield substantial rewards.

3. Bharat: Triumph of ₹21 Lakhs

Location: Bangalore

Bharat, residing in Bangalore and employed at a private company, emerged victorious with a prize of ₹21 lakhs. His adept cricket strategy propelled him to success, underscoring the importance of skill and keen insight in fantasy gaming. Bharat’s plans to utilize his winnings to purchase a car epitomize the transformative impact of his victory.

4. Bhawar Lal: Won ₹21 Lakhs

Location: Not Specified

Bhawar Lal’s appreciation for the First Games app is a testimony to its user-friendly interface and seamless fantasy team creation. While his location remains unspecified, his positive experience and engagement with the platform reflect its accessibility and ease of use.

Gaming Community

Except Mega Contest, there are many winners, like Dolly, Rani, Rajesh, and Saisujan, and list goes one. Wining thousands to lacks of rupees. They collectively contribute to the platform’s vibrant and diverse gaming community. Hence proved that you can Win by doing Daily Tasks.

The Guidelines and Mechanics of how to play Ludo (Loodo)

The First Games app hosts daily challenges and contests, providing players with opportunities to secure daily bonuses. Additionally, players can earn bonus funds through actions like wallet deposits, completing daily challenges, and successful referrals on the app.

Player Modes on First Games by Paytm

Paytm First Games offers diverse player modes to enhance the gaming experience and cater to varying preferences. These modes provide engaging gameplay and uphold the classic rules of Ludo while accommodating different numbers of players.

1 vs 1 Player Mode

In this mode, the game is exclusively between two players on the entire board. The players are assigned to the Green and Blue bases, with the player assigned to the Blue base starting first. Key features of this mode include:

  • Both players have the entire board to themselves.
  • A single cuboid is used for the board.
  • The standard Ludo gameplay and rules apply.
  • If a player misses three turns in total, they are eliminated from the game, and the opponent is declared the winner.

Classic 4-Player Mode

The classic 4-player mode maintains the traditional setup of Ludo with each color allotted to one player. Notable aspects of this mode include:

  • Each player is represented by a distinct color on the board.
  • Similar to the 1 vs 1 mode, a single cuboid is utilized for the board.
  • Standard Ludo gameplay and rules are followed.
  • The platform allows for configuration of the number of winners and prize distribution, ensuring flexibility.
  • If a player misses three turns in total, they are removed from the game. The game continues for the remaining three players.

Handling Player Exits

  • If two players leave the game or miss their three turns, the match continues for the remaining two players on the table.
  • In the scenario where three players exit the game or miss their three turns, the remaining player becomes the winner.
  • When a player voluntarily exits the game before its conclusion, they are ranked last. In cases where multiple players leave before the game ends, their rankings are determined in reverse order of departure.

Paytm First Games by Paytm offers these versatile player modes to accommodate varying player preferences and deliver an immersive and enjoyable Ludo experience.

Loodo Game Play Modes on First Games by Paytm

Paytm First Games offers two distinct and engaging game play modes for Loodo, catering to different player preferences and providing exciting variations to the classic game.

Turn-Based Mode

In the Turn-Based mode, players experience a strategic and calculated approach to Loodo. Notable features of this mode include:

  • Equal Turns: Each player, whether in a 2-player or 4-player game, receives the same number of turns to maximize their scores.
  • Pre-Decided Turns: The game specifies a predetermined number of turns before players join the match. This transparency allows players to anticipate and plan their gameplay.
  • Leaderboard Rankings: The game concludes when all players exhaust their allotted turns. Players’ points are used to determine their rankings on the leaderboard.
  • Prize Allocation: Based on their performance and ranking, players are awarded prize money in accordance with their achievements.

Time-Based Mode

The Time-Based mode adds a dynamic and fast-paced dimension to Loodo. Key aspects of this mode include:

  • Timer Mechanism: The game is governed by a timer, the duration of which varies based on the player’s chosen variation.
  • Fixed Time Per Move: Players are allotted a fixed amount of time per move, encompassing rolling the die and moving the pawn.
  • Scoring and Ranking: Similar to the Turn-Based mode, players accumulate points based on their gameplay. The game concludes when the timer expires.
  • Leaderboard Evaluation: Player rankings on the leaderboard are determined by their earned points, reflecting their skill and strategic decisions.
  • Prize Distribution: Prize money is awarded to players based on their rankings and performance, amplifying the competitive aspect of the game.

Both Turn-Based and Time-Based modes introduce unique dynamics to Loodo, enriching the gaming experience and offering players diverse avenues to engage with the game. Paytm First Games by Paytm ensures that players can tailor their Loodo experience to their preferences while enjoying the thrill of competition and the prospect of rewards.

Loodo Point Scoring System on First Games by Paytm

The Loodo game on First Games by Paytm follows a structured point scoring system that adds depth and strategy to the gameplay. This scoring system enhances the overall experience and introduces various ways for players to accumulate points throughout the game.

Basic Tile Movement

  • For every tile moved by a player’s pawn, 1 point is scored. This implies that a player’s score increases by 1 point for each tile the pawn advances.

Cutting an Opponent’s Pawn

  • If a player’s pawn lands on an opponent’s pawn, the opponent’s pawn is sent back to their starting position, except in cases where the opponent has both of their pawns on the same tile, creating a safe zone.
  • The player inflicting the cut receives points from the opponent’s pawn that was cut. These deducted points are added to the score of the cutting pawn.
  • The total score of the cutting pawn is recalculated to include both its original score and the points obtained from the cut.

Homecoming Bonus

  • Each pawn that successfully reaches home receives double the point value of that pawn.
  • For instance, if a pawn with a point value of 70 reaches home, the player earns 140 points for that specific pawn. Similarly, a pawn with a point value of 100 earns the player 200 points upon reaching home.

Transparency and Visibility

  • The current point values of each pawn on the board are displayed for all players at all times. This transparency allows participants to make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

How to Play Loodo on First Games by Paytm

Playing Loodo on First Games by Paytm is an engaging experience that blends strategy, chance, and competition. This section outlines the fundamental gameplay mechanics and steps to participate in the game.

Beginning the Game

  1. Player Assignments: Each player is randomly assigned a specific color, and they receive four pawns of that corresponding color.
  2. Blue Pawns First: The player assigned with the Blue-colored pawns gets the privilege of taking the first turn to roll the cuboid and initiate the game.
  3. Turn Order: Subsequent turns are taken in a clockwise order, beginning with the player controlling the blue pawns.

Moving Pawns Around the Board

  1. Roll and Move: At the start of each turn, players roll the cuboid to determine the number of tiles their pawns can move. The pawns are then moved accordingly.
  2. Special Rule for 6: If a player rolls a 6 on the cuboid, they must move one of their pawns before rolling the cuboid again.
  3. Kill a Pawn: Landing on an opponent’s pawn results in that opponent’s pawn being sent back to its starting position, resetting its progress.
  4. Turn Time Limit: Players have a fixed amount of time indicated on the game screen to complete their turn.

Winning the Game

  1. Scoring Points: Players move their pawns across the board, scoring 1 point for each tile moved.
  2. Doubling Points: If a pawn successfully reaches the home base, the points earned by that pawn are doubled.
  3. Determine the Winner: At the conclusion of the game, the player with the highest total points emerges as the victor.

Playing Loodo on First Games by Paytm involves a balance of strategy, luck, and calculated moves. As players advance their pawns, strategically handle opponent encounters, and capitalize on scoring opportunities, they inch closer to victory. The thrill of Loodo lies in its dynamic gameplay and the pursuit of achieving the highest score to secure the coveted title of the winner.

Paytm First Games Download

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Paytm First Games Review

We were impressed by the robust, initiative and snappy performance of First Games by Paytm. Compared to other apps, It seamlessly operates even in low-bandwidth village areas, making it accessible for users in village regions. The intuitive UI design enhances the overall experience, making it a top-notch gaming platform. Highly recommended!

The UI Experience


In conclusion, the Paytm First Games app stands as a dynamic gateway to an immersive world of gaming. Its user-friendly interface, seamless performance even in low-bandwidth areas, and the enticing ₹500 cashback offer through referral make it a must-have for all gaming enthusiasts. Embrace the power of Paytm First Games and unlock endless entertainment and rewards at your fingertips. Download now and experience the thrill firsthand! So what you waiting for, swipes your way to digital bliss.

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