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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity, the emergence of AI-generated art has captured the imagination of artists and enthusiasts alike. One of them is SeaArt, a mind-blowing text-to-image generator that promises to redefine the way we create visuals. But a novice user could be looking for how to use SeaArt? guide. So, Let’s delve into the world of SeaArt and explore the cutting-edge features that set it apart. We have crafted this simplest SeaArt tutorial to unravel the wonders of this transformative tool.

What is SeaArt AI used for ?

SeaArt is an AI art generator enables users to unleash their creativity and become artists, regardless of their professional skills. You can create anime pictures or lifelike images of people, animals, places or game characters with incredible detail, diverse styles, and vibrant colors that immediately seize your attention. all without the hassle of installing stable diffusion or breaking the bank on an expensive graphics card. In this article section, we’ll explore the incredible capabilities of the SeaArt text-to-image (image2image) generator and image to text (image2text), a mind-blowing tool that’s not only easy to use but also free of charge.

SeaArt website has a ton of features, and if I write about them all, this article will become lengthy and bearing. So, we focused general website guidance and more on image creation side.

Freedom of Expression: Breaking Boundaries with SeaArt 

SeaArt 使い方 stands in stark contrast to platforms like Mid-Journey, offering a liberating experience for creators. Unlike other platforms, SeaArt adopts a relaxed approach to not-safe-for-work filters, catering primarily to adults in SeaArt nfsw. This enables a broader spectrum of creativity without censorship. If you’ve felt constrained elsewhere or relish the freedom of uncensored artistic expression, SeaArt may become your new favorite playground. 

Seamless Usage on Discord or Website

Sea Art offers a dual platform experience, allowing users to use their image generator service, either on Discord or through their website. For an in-depth exploration and enhanced creative control, we’ll focus on utilizing the website, which boasts a multitude of features.

Navigating the SeaArt Interface

Upon opening your web browser and heading to, you’ll encounter a sleek and intuitively categorized image creation interface. Here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstart your creative journey:

SeaArt AI Plaza
AI Plaza / Explore

Crisp Quality and Diverse Styles: SeaArt’s Visual Buffet 

After login you will find lots of options and at first it is overwhelming.

  • Highlighted Red : Swift AI Menu. where you can upload and create your own digital avatar. You can explore AI Filters, Create/convert High Resolution images from low resolution. Sketch to Image where you can create great paintings with just simple strokes.
  • Highlighted Green : The Explore, Model and Post tab we call it the AI Plaza, where you can find a virtual buffet of styles and themes. Whether your aesthetic leans toward surrealism or pixel art, SeaArt provides boundless inspiration. In Model menu there are ton of LoRA models and Checkpoint you can download and work with.

A Checkpoint is a snapshot file of the intermediate optimization result.
A LoRA Model is a file that alters outputs based on specific concepts like art styles, characters, or themes. They are usually 10 to 100 times smaller than checkpoint models.

What is LoRA Models and Checkpoint in AI Image Generation?
  • Highlighted Blue : You can also search community’s work, LoRA models, checkpoints etc. Best part is there you can upload image and to explore images matching your desired mood or theme. Great for those valuing top-notch image quality and style versatility.
Image Search Function in SeaArt
Image Search
  • In above image you can see I uploaded a picture of a women in Indian wedding attire and voila..!! it actually come up with similar image to my uploaded image.

Prompting Made Simple: SeaArt’s Intelligent Features 

ai image generate window seaart

SeaArt goes beyond a vague prompt box, particularly beneficial for novice creators. The platform simplifies the prompting process with clever features. In above image I have written a simple prompt “photorealistic yellow duckling” and then I clicked on a magic wand and ta-da..!! it completely upgrade my prompt just like Goku became Super Saiyan. So Jot down a few ideas, hit the magic wand icon, and witness your basic prompt transform into a well-crafted launchpad for awe-inspiring AI images.

Busting Creative Roadblocks: The Random Prompt Generator 

random prompt generator seaart
Random Prompt Generator

For a novice creator, prompts are hard. SeaArt make that easy for learning, they have the Random Prompt Generator. Just clicked on a dice roll with a preview of a random prompt, and wallah..!! It insert the prompt in prompt window. A single click provides a unique prompt, offering a starting point that you can tweak and customize. Take a chance with the search bar’s dice roll for additional inspiration, you can create a plethora of AI-generated images and styles you might not discover otherwise. More you practice more you will learn and will eliminate creative roadblocks.

Image-to-Image Magic: Turning Images into Prompts 

intelligent analysis seaart

SeaArt elevates the creative process by allowing users to generate prompts from uploaded images. Simply upload the image or URL into the image-to-image workspace, click the intelligent analysis button, and bingo – you have a prompt ready for generation. The Describe workspace offers two ready-to-go prompts, providing a speedy and efficient tool for creators. Checkout the the example below.

meditating astronaut
artificial intelligence images generator
  • In above example I have uploaded an image of meditating astronaut and then sliding intelligent analysis which generates a prompt in prompt window. Remember to copy that prompt, close the current windows and go to generate image, there just paste the prompt and select desired base AI Model. With this feature, possibilities are endless.

Diverse Models and Advanced Tools for Every Creator: SeaArt’s Versatility 

default and auto mode

SeaArt isn’t confined to a single AI style, Once you learn basics you can experiment and improvise more. Under Default and SDXL tab, it offers functions like Auto to default or paid SeaArt 2.0 and SeaArt 2.1 mode. On the other hand Studio style comes under SeaArt VIP subscription. Whether you’re into character creation or a specific style.

SeaArt offers a Model just for you. Sharing your own models with the. You can select different LoRA models and experiment. In mode style try use default style rather than Auto as it gives more control. In Explore Advanced Config. You can experimenting with negative prompts, VAE, tweaking sampling methods, seeds or utilizing the outpainting tool for seamless frame expansion. Once satisfied, upscale your masterpiece with impressive image sizes of 4096 pixels square.  Though for novices you can just leave as it is. In Advance Repair, you can Upscale the image, repair face, hand, body etc.

Control Net Function: Precision in Pose Replication 

seaart control net

Perfecting poses becomes effortless with SeaArt’s Control Net function. Serving as the puppet master of AI painting tools, it uses details from your reference image to control the pose of your AI-generated image. Upload your reference image, adjust settings, send it to Control Net, choose an effect, and hey presto – a new character striking the exact pose you desire. 

Your Digital Gallery: Organizing Masterpieces with Ease 

Once you create an image it expires in 14 days so better save it in album, with that you also saves prompt and all image generation data for future use. SeaArt isn’t just about creating; it’s about building a collection. Neatly organize your masterpieces into different workspaces, always ready for admiration or tweaking. Sharing your creations with the world is a click away, making SeaArt not just a tool but a platform for fostering a vibrant, active community. 

Earning Credits and Future Developments

Current state allows free image generation for free with limited use of tokens/credits daily and VIP membership is also available. Though SeaArt provides opportunities to earn free credits / daily tokens through daily platform engagement, refer friends, and earn tokens for even more exploration and creation. Log in, participate in activities, and claim your credits from the task tab. Click on the link and login for bonus credits : link for Bonus Credits.

Conclusion: SeaArt – A Splash of Creativity 

In the ever-competitive space of AI image generators, SeaArt emerges as a fresh face, making waves with its user-friendly interface and groundbreaking features. Whether you’re a seasoned AI artist or a beginner, SeaArt invites you to be part of its creative revolution. With a familiar feel for users of Leonardo AI or Lexicon, SeaArt offers a unique and liberating experience, ensuring that creativity knows no bounds. The splash has arrived, and SeaArt is here to stay, ushering in a new era of artistic exploration. Let’s create together and be part of this exciting journey with SeaArt. If you want some information on specific part of SeaArt, do let us know in the comment section.

Remember to always create images with learning perspective, create your own portfolio. By daily practice you can achieve perfections and sell your image and earn some bucks !!


Also do check out Tensor Art: Beginner’s Guide to AI Image Generation, and LoRA Models In AI Image Generation. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of SeaArt’s creative potential. Stay tuned for more insights and tips in the upcoming sections!

People also ask

What is the AI model for Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion is a latent diffusion model, a type of deep generative artificial neural network (AI) model. It utilizes a U-Net architecture to predict noise in the latent space, effectively denoising images. This innovative approach reduces processing requirements, enabling Stable Diffusion to run on desktops or laptops equipped with GPUs.

What is LoRA AI?

LoRA, short for Low-Rank Adaptation, is a technique for fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) like Stable Diffusion. It involves introducing low-rank matrices into the model’s architecture, significantly reducing the number of trainable parameters. This approach offers several advantages, including faster training, reduced memory requirements, and the ability to adapt LLMs to specific tasks or styles without overfitting.

Is SeaArt AI free to use?

Yes, SeaArt AI offers a free plan that provides limited access to its features. Users can generate up to 100 images per day and utilize basic editing tools. For more advanced features, such as higher resolution images, unlimited generations, and access to exclusive models, users can upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

How does SeaArt AI work?

SeaArt AI employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to process your text prompts and generate corresponding images. It analyzes the context, style, and mood of your prompts, producing visuals that accurately reflect your artistic vision.

How can I get started with SeaArt AI?

Getting started with SeaArt AI is simple:

  1. Visit the SeaArt AI website and create an account.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the interface and editing tools.
  3. Start by experimenting with simple text prompts and observe the generated images.
  4. Gradually refine your prompts and explore different styles and techniques.
  5. Share your creations with the community and get feedback.

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